Find The Perfect Gift For The RV Owner In Your Life

frustrated laptop workerWe don’t know if you can relate, but with birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas holidays, it seems like we are always on the hunt for gift ideas. It seems most of us know someone who is notoriously difficult to shop for as well. If they are an RV owner, or perhaps live in their RV full time, it can make things even more challenging. Worry not, for we are here to help you on your quest for the perfect gift idea for RV owners!

A few things to note when looking for gift ideas for RV owners. Oh, and by the way, this is assuming you don’t know as much about the RV lifestyle as you would like. If you are a veteran RVer, most of these concepts will not be groundbreaking epiphanies. As you read on, we will discuss and provide examples in three categories; gadgets, space savers, and consumables.


Most RVers like gadgets that make their life safer, more comfortable, or just plain fancier. These gadgets are also appreciated when they don’t take up a lot of space. Think about items you would find handy in your first studio apartment, and then picture if your apartment was on wheels in the middle of nowhere. Things like a cordless vacuum, an ice maker, or solar charging devices are all great ideas for us RV folk. Here are a few examples.


HomeLabs Portable Ice MakerhOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker

Most RVs don’t come with refrigerators equipped with ice makers. If you want ice for a beverage or to chill some wine, one either has to steal it out of a cooler with their grubby hands or take up room in the small freezer with a bag of ice. The hOmeLabs portable ice maker produces ice in less than 10 minutes and up to 26lbs of ice per day. It also comes with an ice scoop which is always handy. An ice maker is a fantastic gift idea for the avid RVer!


Ecocamel Jetstorm Shower Head

Something some folks take for granted is how much water taking a shower uses. You find out quickly as an RV owner that a 40-gallon water tank gets swiftly emptied with standard faucets and showerheads. The Ecocamel Jetstorm forces air into the water stream not only increasing the pressure but decreasing the amount of water used. The Jetstorm also has three adjustable settings for that perfect shower experience. A more enjoyable shower using less water? Yes, please!


Garmin RV 770 rv gpsGarmin RV 770 GPS

There are indeed a lot of options on the market for navigation assistance; Especially when you are driving a car. When driving or pulling an RV, however, there are additional things to take into account such as bridge weight restrictions and overpass height. Nobody wants to shear the top of their RV off on a low overpass if we had to guess. The Garmin RV 770 has the option to put in the RV weight and dimensions and will navigate the driver around problem areas appropriately. The RV 770 also has Bluetooth calling and will connect to a smartphone for up to date traffic alerts and weather. A great gift idea in the safety category!


Beartwo Solar Power BankBEARTWO Solar Charger

Power banks are convenient to have to charge phones, tablets, and other USB accessories. Many times though, RVers find themselves in situations where there is no power to plug into to charge traditional power banks. Enter in the BEARTWO Solar Charger Power Bank. The recipient of this said gift can simply leave it in the sun or clip it to their pack while on a hike. They will have a charged power bank at their disposal in a few hours! Not only will the BEARTWO charge two USB devices simultaneously, but it also has a built-in LED flashlight!


Pure Clean Cordless Vacuum Create LinkPure Clean Cordless Vacuum

A rechargeable cordless vacuum is convenient for RV owners. Not only are they easy to store, but they can also be charged when the RV is plugged in and ready for use when it isn’t. Additionally, with a model like the Pure Clean with multiple attachments, you can clean various surfaces with the same device. Lastly, it is bagless which means folks won’t have to search for replacement bags while on the road. Once the canister is full, you just open the bottom to empty it. The entire vacuum can come apart making it very easy to store. Too easy!

Space Savers

In most RVs, the amount of storage space available is minimal. It doesn’t seem like it when you walk through it before purchasing the RV, but when you start storing your pans, cleaning supplies, games, and clothes, it is almost as if the cupboards start shrinking. RV owners quickly begin looking for products that perform the same function but utilize less space than other products. Items that collapse when not in use or items which perform multiple functions thus replacing the need to store numerous items are ideal. Additionally, items that help organize dead space which otherwise would not be used are also great gift ideas. We will list a handful here to get your gears turning.


6 QT Instant PotInstant Pot Duo

Admittedly, the Instant Pot is a gadget and a space saver. It is a 7 in 1 cooking pot which can be used as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer, yogurt maker, and you can even saute with it! The Instant Pot also has 14 built-in Smart Programs, and automatic keep warm functionality. All of this and the 6-qt model only weighs just over 11 lbs and is only 13 inches tall. When it comes to saving space, this is a sure win in our book!



Just about anything that is collapsible is an excellent gift idea for an RV owner. Take for instance silicone collapsible containers. These handy containers expand during use but then collapse down to one-third of their full size for storage. Additionally, as they are silicone RV owners don’t have to worry about them breaking or chipping while traveling. In addition to silicone containers, there are collapsible strainers, measuring cups, and even pot and pan sets which nest inside one another taking up much less space.


Camco Pop-Up Trash ContainerAnother item which is handy is a large trash can. It is amazing how much trash is generated by just a small family of four. Having a large trash receptacle is nice, but plastic or metal trash cans just don’t make sense when storage space is at a premium. A solution to this is a pop-up trash can. When in use the large receptacle is the size of a regular 33-gallon trash can, but when you are ready to store it, collapses down to just over 2″ thick.


Camco Telescoping BroomLastly, if the vacuum mentioned previously doesn’t work out, maybe a telescoping broom will. The Camco Adjustable Broom is 52″ long when extending, but collapses down to 24″ to store. The included dustpan also clips to the broom while stored making it easy to keep track of. A broom may sound like a simple gift idea, but that doesn’t mean it won’t go unappreciated.


Command Under Sink Cabinet Caddy Organization And Storage

Just about anything designed to help organize and store items will be welcomed with open arms by RV owners. Even simple things like the Command Under Sink Cabinet Caddy. The Cabinet Caddy uses four strong Command Strips to secure the caddy to the inside of the cabinet door. It makes excellent use of space which would otherwise go unutilized and does it without damaging the cabinet in the process. 


Aceen Mesh Shower CaddyTotes and organizers like the ACEEN Mesh Shower Caddy are always great gift ideas. Not only would an item like this be useful in the RV, but it would also be very handy when using a campsite shower. Toiletry items can be permanently stored in the Shower Caddy and grabbed whenever needed. Much more attractive than a grocery store bag as well!



Command Utility Hooks You may be wondering why we would add Command Utility Hooks to the list. To understand why these are so highly sought after by RV owners, we need to explain how RVs are constructed. The walls are a sandwich consisting of gel-coated fiberglass on the outside, 1/8 in paneling on the inside, and compressed foam in the middle. In short, there is nothing for screws to bite into which makes it challenging to hang anything. Command Strips have come to many an RV owners rescue for decorating and space utilization.


Most people would agree RVs are expensive not only to purchase but to maintain. Folks tend to want to protect their investment by keeping their RV clean and operating as they were designed. This is why putting together say a gift basket with cleaners, waxes, and other repeat purchase type items make for great gift ideas. Here are a few ideas for you.


Meguiars Restoration SystemMeguiar’s Marine/RV Restoration System

Soaps, waxes, and UV protectants should be in every RV owners possession. RVs are exposed to the elements, and they take a toll. Consistent washing and waxing will help maintain the look of an RV as well as decrease spendy repairs down the road. If you know your gift recipient needs to restore the fiberglass shell of their RV, we suggest looking into the Meguiar’s product line.


Thetford Slide Out LubricantThedford Premium RV Slide Out Lubricant

Not all RVs have slide outs, but we would say a vast majority of them do. Some have one; some may have five. Some have one large one that takes up the entire side of the RV. These slides move in and out using electric motors on tracks if you will. You don’t want to spray these tracks with just any household lubricants as they attract dirt. Thedford RV Slide Out Lubricant not only lubricates but protects the slide mechanics from dirt and road grime. This $13 can might save your gift recipient thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. It is almost like they owe you now!


Camco RV Toilet Treatment Camco Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins 

I know what you might be thinking. Why on earth would anyone want toilet treatments for their birthday? Hear us out on this one. Unless an RV owner has spent money on a composting toilet or never uses the toilet in their RV, they are using some type of toilet treatment. They buy it, they use it, and then they repurchase it. Now we would say, just handing them a bag of toilet drop-ins may be in poor form, but in a basket, with other items, it is a nice touch. 

In Summary

These few items are just a small fraction of what is out there for gift ideas. The intent of this post was to visit the topic at a high level and spark some of your own ideas. At the end of the day though, it is hard to go wrong with gadgets, space savers, and consumable gift ideas when gift shopping for RV owners!



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