Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes - Our Top 10

The idea of outdoor subscription boxes has taken off in recent years, and for a good reason. You can pick the genre of the gift box, but you never really know what is in it until you crack the box open. There is a certain level of suspense which is unique.

They also make great gift ideas. The reason being is it spreads the gifts out over time and keeps the recipient chomping at the bit for the next box to arrive!

We have compiled for you what we consider to be the best subscription boxes for camping and enjoying the outdoors. Feel free to dig in and see what we found to be our Top 10!

Out Of The Box Camping


Out Of The Box Camping subscription boxes are geared towards camping, glamping, and RV enthusiasts. These awesome gift boxes will arrive on your doorstep quarterly and have six to eight items like clothing, RV gear, snacks, and cute decor items.

Do you like camping or glamping? Do you know someone who does? Out Of The Box Camping is the perfect outdoor subscription box for anyone who loves the outdoors and camping lifestyle!


Think Outside


Think Outside is a monthly outdoor subscription box geared toward families who love the outdoors. Each box comes with five to six items to help kids get outside and learn more about nature and how to survive in the outdoors.

The initiation box comes with a backpack, and other getting started items. The following boxes then provide educational products to be added to the pack for future lessons. You will be hard-pressed to find a better outdoor subscription box for families!




Postfly is an outdoor subscription box dedicated to the fly fishing enthusiast. The subscriber can expect a monthly subscription box stocked full of premium flies, tying kits, fishing gear, and some great stickers to display.

Upon ordering, you can pick from trout, bass, or salt water-themed boxes tailored to what you love to fish for. You won't know exactly what is coming in each box though, and that is what makes subscription boxes truly amazing.

If you like fly fishing or know someone who does, check out Postfly outdoor subscription boxes. You won't be disappointed!


Freestone Fly Fishing Company


These fly fishing subscription boxes from Freestone Fly Fishing Company aren't just boxes; they are an experience! Each monthly box contains premium flies, fly guides, stickers, and some extra fishing goodies. You also get a one-year membership to Trout Magazine to boot!

As part of the experience, you will also receive their monthly Fly Guide with your outdoor subscription box, which talks about changes in the seasons, tying techniques, and giveaway opportunities.

If you want to see grown adults act like children on Christmas morning, hook them up with this awesome subscription box from Freestone Fly Fishing Company!




Avid hikers have options as well when it comes to outdoor subscription boxes. Hikewize will deliver a subscription box four times per year, chocked full of all kinds of hiking product goodness.

Subscribers can expect to see five to seven full-sized quality hiking products, hiking tips, insights about national parks, and other hiking goodies.

Hikewize aims to gear you up for the perfect day hike. I say we let them!

Hiker Crate


Another fantastic outdoor subscription box for hiking enthusiasts is Hiker Crate. Hiker Crate will send the subscriber a monthly box full of healthy snacks for out on the trail along with two to three quality gear products.

Hiker Crate sources its products from various new and old outdoors companies to provide samples for their subscribers. Then, get this! You get Hiker Crate only discounts when you shop at some of the best outdoor companies!

The outdoor subscription boxes from Hiker Crate are perfect for those looking to eat healthier both at home and on the trail!

Wild Woman


Wild Woman is all about inspiring your heart and prepping for adventure. This monthly box of goodies will deliver inspirational quotes, outdoor gear, natural body products, healthy snacks, and some Wild Woman exclusives.

Helping you build confidence and knowledge. Wild Woman delivers the motivation and products you need to get out in nature and live that adventurous life you have always dreamed of!



CLUBTAC is a monthly subscription box delivering tactical survival and outdoor gear to your doorstep. The equipment in these boxes are hand-picked by military veterans, experienced survivalists, and technology gurus.

Additionally, CLUBTAC has an impressive ranking system that allows you to gain in rank and unlock free gifts along the way! They will send your rank pin on a newsletter in the box for you to collect. This program is truly one of the most well thought out subscription box programs out there!

Timber Edge Outdoors


Do we, by chance, have any hunters in the house? This monthly subscription box is perfect for you! You get all kinds of hunting and outdoor-related goodies from vendors all across the US.

Owned and operated by an outdoor loving family and armed with a vast selection of products to choose from, you will never know what is arriving next! If you like to hunt, look no further than Timber Edge Outdoors!

Mountain Hunter


Mountain Hunter is another monthly outdoor subscription box geared towards hunting enthusiasts. Their 30 years of hunting experience aid them in choosing the best products for their boxes for the right season.

Each box contains three to five items, including food and snacks, hunting gear, and survival products. Mountain Hunter focuses on getting you quality products from great companies, both new and old.


The Happy Glamper


The Happy Glamper is perfect for those folks who want to experience nature without giving up on life's little luxuries. A subscription to this box will bring with it discounts to glamping destinations, glamping gadgets, luxury travel essentials, and other awesome accessories! Hook up your glamping enthusiast with products from a different state every month with The Happy Glamper subscription box!

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Our Favorite Outdoor Subscription Boxes

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