There you are, it is either screaming hot outside, so you huddle beneath the soothing AC of your glamper, or it is raining or snowing so you are sent packing inside. Maybe kids are complaining they are bored, and parents thinking they could have had this experience at home for free. These times my friends, are when a good RV indoor game is worth its weight in gold. RVing is about family time, making memories, and making the best of an otherwise unfortunate situation.

So, in no particular order, I share with you our favorite family RV indoor games when we are glamper trapped!

Ticket To Ride Game

Ticket To Ride is one of our recently discovered favorite RV indoor board games. Keep in mind; this is coming from a person who is not one you would call a board game lover.

In this game, you collect different color cards and build your trains based on random destination cards. Your goal is to have the most trains on the board by the end of the game to claim victory. Sounds easy, but keep in mind some cities only have one track connecting them so you may have to find an alternate route to complete your track! This game is a lot of fun, but the little trains may not be safe around the little ones.

Pandemic is another RV indoor game we have come to enjoy!  It is neverPandemic Board Game the same twice, and it is a cooperative game, so there are no “super sad face non-winners” at the end. Either you all win, or you all lose.

The goal of this game after pulling random character cards; each with different abilities, is to rid the world of four different viruses primed to end the human population. Just when you think you are getting ahead, you pull a dreaded “Epidemic” card, and the game gets turned on its ear. Pandemic is a bit difficult to understand the first few times through it as there are several variables to remember, but once you get it down you will be hooked! This game also has some tiny pieces so it may not be the best to leave out when there are wee tots about.

Labyrinth Board Game

Labyrinth, on the other hand, is a straightforward RV indoor game with only a few small pieces. Each player is dealt cards at the beginning of the game with pictures corresponding with items on the board.

The fun yet aggravating part of the game is after each player’s turn they must place the extra labyrinth piece into the board pushing another piece out the opposite side. This action creates new walls and pathways making it a challenge to get all of your items found. The item closest to you at the end of your last turn is now on the opposite side of the board! The first one to get all of their things and back to their home corner wins the game!

Dragonwood is a card and dice game with various creatures to vanquish by rolling dice and

Dragonwood Card and Dice Game

using enhancement cards. Each creature is worth a certain amount of points and can be defeated in three different ways based on the cards in your hands. Also, each creature has a weakness; the question is, do you have the right cards in your hand to get the job done? There are also two cards with dragons on them. Hence the name “Dragonwood,” once both have been slain, the player with the most points based on points from defeated creatures is crowned the winner.

UNO Classic Card GameThe classic UNO card game is still a massive hit for the RV indoor game collection. It is enjoyable for the whole family to play, and it takes up very little storage space, which is a plus.

Each player takes a turn trying to match the color or number placed by the previous player. Unique cards force payers to draw more cards or reverse the direction of the game. Your goal, be the first person to run out of cards and collect points based on what the other players have left in their hand. The first player to hit 500 points is the victor!

The Farming Game is similar to Monopoly, mixed with the  economic and environmentalFarming Game challenges of running a farm.

You start this RV indoor game out with 20 acres and 5k in the hole as you work your way around the board. Each side of the board represents a season, and each space can either make you money to reinvest and expand your farm or cost you money in lost crops, cattle, or repairs. Be the first player to reach $250,000 in total assets, and you are the big winner!

Guess WhoGuess Who? is a kid-friendly guessing game where two players each take turns trying to discover the other player’s character. “Does your person have blue eyes?” or “Does your person have brown hair?” are the types of question used to help narrow down the field to the correct character. First one to guess the other player’s mystery person wins! This game will have competitive kids saying “best two out of three?” over and over!

Hopefully, these brief descriptions help you on your journey to find new entertaining RV indoor games to play while you are out traveling the country. Maybe you can still have some laughs and make some memories should you find yourselves trapped in your RV.

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