The Magma 10 Piece Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set is a fantastic set of cookware all in.

For years we had a couple of mix-matched sets of cookware which took up precious space in our RV (or totes back in our tent camping days). Only a few would fit inside one another as they all had attached handles. This situation is fine in a house with a plethora of storage space, but in a glamper, this is the opposite of what you want.

Magma Nesting Cookware SetThe Magma cookware nests inside one another as the handles are removable, and once condensed and bungeed together, take up about 1/2 a cubic foot of space. The detachable handles don’t do as well with open flames as some handles, so be careful when using them over gas heat. Where they really shine though is the ability to use the handle to put a piece of cookware in the oven and remove the handle. Once you are ready to remove the cookware, one need just reattach the handle, and off you go.

Did I mention stainless steel? Magma makes this set out of 18-10 polished marine grade stainless steel. These babies are stout!

magma nesting cookwareThey are not overly cumbersome to use, but they are certainly built to last. Also, take note, there are “induction compatible” and “non-induction compatible” versions of the cookware so be sure to order the set that best fits your situation. The induction compatible set will hit your wallet a little harder, so keep that in mind when you are price checking.

Magma Products, A10-368 No-Skid 3-Piece Pot Protectors Set, GreyYou may also consider the purchase of the Magma Pot Protectors. These are designed to keep the pots from rubbing on each other and clanging about while traveling. Granted, a couple of tea towels would accomplish the same thing if we are honest. There is also a colander you can add to the set which is nice toMagma Products, A10-367 Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Colander have; especially considering it will take up very little space when nesting inside the set.

One drawback to this set is lack of lids. It only comes with two, and granted one is designed to fit multiple size pots; if you like to cook with three of four things simmering, you may get a bit discouraged. Additionally, the pot lids don’t have any fancy coatings on them, so they get hot. It is wise to have a pot holder or towel handy. Lastly, the set includes a saute pan, but if you just want a regular old skillet, you will need to supplement the set. All things considered, I think that is a fair trade for having all of your pots stored in a tidy fashion such as this. Having this set along with some cast iron skillets and a dutch oven to me is the way to get after it!

In conclusion, this is an excellent set of cookware for space conscious cooks. Most will agree, food is an integral part of the camping experience, and this set will help you bring out your culinary brilliance without taking up an entire cupboard to do it.

Magma 10 Piece Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set for...
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Magma 10 Piece Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set for...
  • 100% 18-10 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Ultimate Space Saver: Nests and stores in less than 1/2 ft³ (0.01 m³) of cabinet space
  • Easily Removable Handle: Thumb release trigger handles easily attach and detach with just one hand
  • Tri-Clad: Encapsulated Tri-Clad bottoms (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Magnetic Stainless Steel) for perfect heat distribution
  • Oven Safe: Cookware and lids are oven safe to 500 degree F (260 degree C) (excluding removable handles)
  • Note: Not for use with Induction Cooktops

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