How To Glamp-It-Up On The Cheap

It is hard to argue with the cultural shift surrounding the increased popularity of "glamping." More and more people are showing interest, and folks with the capital are building glamping destinations around the country, if not the globe. RV parks are separating sections of their park to create permanent "Retro Trailer Resorts," and Pinterest is bustling with pins on DIY glamping ideas. You might be one of the many interested in trying glamping, but think you need to make six figures to do so.

So you want to try this...

luxury tent bathroom with tub

But think you can only afford this...

Tree Shelter

Worry not, you are not alone in your thinking. Adventure packages and high-end resorts used to be the only options; all of which can cost vast sums of money. Understand, however; you have other options to explore these days on your journey to your luxury camping experience.

What Does Your Experience Look Like?

To explore these options, however, one must come to terms with the type of glorified camping they want to do. There is "destination glamping" wherein a person travels to a glamping resort, or stays at a fancy camping location as part of larger travel plans. An example of this would be staying at Under Canvas Yellowstone as part of your Yellowstone adventure. The other type of luxury camping we will call "local glamping." For example, finding a local state park, BLM plot, or river bank location to set up your luxury camping extravaganza. What is it you would like to experience? Answer that, and you are well on your way to glamping glory!

Cruise America Rental RVWhat are these "other options" we mentioned? Well, you can rent an RV for one. Why spend hundreds of dollars a month on an RV, when you only need one for a week? You can also stay at less expensive glamping resorts which don't cost $900 a night per person. Another option is putting your spin on it and create a DIY experience which is all your own.

Follow along with us as we explore your options with a couple of supporting posts linked below. Here is your main takeaway though. You, yes YOU noble reader, can make this glamping thing happen. You just have to decide how, and get after it! It is all too easy to let someday turn into never.

Ready to learn more? Good. You got this!

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